1. All absences require a written explanation to the teacher on the day the student returns to school. 
    2. The written excuse must state the inclusive dates of the absence, the reason, and must be signed and dated by a parent or legal guardian. 
    3. A phone call is helpful, but it does not satisfy the legal requirement for excusing absences. 
    4. Failure to send a note results in an illegal absence on the child’s attendance record. 
    5. Please note these attendance reminders:
        1. Parents are asked to avoid picking up children before the end of the school day except in cases of appointments or emergencies.  Every minute of instructional time is important from the start to the end of the school day. 
        2. It is important for the parent to notify the teacher and/or school when a child may be absent for several days due to illness.  The school nurse should be contacted for serious medical conditions that may be contagious or require monitoring upon the child’s return to school.   
        3. Parents requesting work for absent children should contact the school prior to 9:30am on the date of their child's absence.  Work can be picked up in the office at 3:00pm or can be sent home with another student. 


Attendance Policy

    1. School attendance is a legal requirement for all children under the age of 17. 
    2. Attendance data becomes part of the child’s permanent school record. 
    3. Excessive absences, lateness, or early departure may be considered a matter of educational neglect. 


    1. A child is late, starting at 8:56am.
    2. The child  must be accompanied to the main doors with a written excuse signed by the parent or guardian. 
    3. No child should be dropped off without a parent's escort into the building after the doors to the school have been locked at 8:55am.