Dismissal Procedures

    • Walkers and car students will be dismissed at approximately 3:00pm from the main entrance.  
    • Parents will meet students outside the front lawn of the GW school and be released by the teacher. 
    • Children's House dismissal is at the side of the school building. 
    • Children who want to play at dismissal should be taken to the playground. 

Arrival Procedures

  • The school day begins officially at 8:45am. 

    • Students enter through the front doors and Children's House side doors. 
    • A grab and go breakfast will be available to all students upon entering the building. 
    • After 8:55am, students are officially tardy to school.   



    • UPK students who arrive by car, please enter the parking lot via Washington Ave. 
    • Students enter the building at the Children's House side doors.
    • After 8:55am, students are officially tardy to school and must enter through the front entrance on Wall Street Avenue.  



    • Parents and visitors should use the Wall Street Avenue entrance at all times. 
    • Parking in fire lanes in front of the building and other non-designated areas of the parking lot is prohibited.  
    • Drivers should use caution when driving on school property and must follow the traffic patterns at all times.     



    • Students may ride bicycles to school.
    • All bicycles should be securely locked to the bicycle rack near the front of the GW Building.