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Credit Recovery Program

  • Credit Connect


    Welcome to the Kingston High School Credit Connect Program.


    Kingston High School is proud to partner with APEX Learning to provide a variety of online courses for our students. These online courses can be used to recover lost credits due to failure and acquire additional credits that otherwise would not be available in traditional classrooms.  Credit Connect classes require daily attendance in a day school lab or weekly attendance in our after school lab which runs from 3-6pm. However, unlike traditional classes, students can complete the classes as fast as they are able to do so. Their effort will determine the pace of their completion. Students who may benefit from our online offerings are:

    Students who have failed previous classes

    Students not presently on pace to graduate on time

    Students who have struggled with anxiety in the classroom

    Students who wish to graduate early

    Students who wish additional elective opportunities

    Students who would like elective opportunities during day school and would like to complete a required class after school

    And many others…….


    If you’re interested in seeing if Credit Connect is right for you, please contact your child’s guidance counselor.