• What is Credit Connect? Credit Connect is a program at KHS that provides students with an alternative method for completing courses required for graduation.  As the graphic shows, there are four ways this is accomplished: Credit Recovery (CR), Credit Acquisition (CA), Quarter Recovery (QR) and Course Tutorials (CT).


    This program combines teacher-directed instruction with the use of online courses offered by Apex Learning®. Students will be enrolled in courses needed for credit recovery, credit acquisition, and/or review for a required Regents exam. They will work through the course at their own pace. This may allow the motivated students to complete classes faster in a more flexible structure. Credit will be awarded for successful completion at the 65% mastery level.

    Credit Recovery – CR is for students who did not successfully complete a course.  CR students will complete all or part of their Apex course to earn credit for the class.

    Credit Acquisition – CA is for students to earn credit in a class that they have not attempted previously in ‘day school’.  To earn credit toward graduation, classes must meet NYS required course descriptions. 

    Quarter Recovery – QR is for students who failed a quarter in a ‘day school’ course.  The course teacher and student should discuss this option and if it's appropriate, units from the equivalent Apex course will be assigned.  The student will need to complete the QR work by the date specified by the teacher (usually by the end of the 5th week of the current quarter).  If successfully completed, the student’s average will be changed to a 65 for the quarter specified.  It should be noted that ‘teacher work’ could also be part or all of the QR contract and not involve Apex at all.

    Course Tutorials – CT’s can be utilized in many ways, including review for a final or regents exam, CR or QR.  Apex offers courses and tutorials.  Most of the time, we assign courses at KHS but CT’s are formatted differently and provide some flexibility.  Generally, completion of CT’s does not earn credit towards graduation.

    Is Credit Connect right for your child?  Credit Connect has helped many students graduate KHS during the 10+ years we’ve been working with Apex.  Please have a conversation with your child’s guidance counselor to better understand how this program can help your student.

    If my child enrolls in Credit Connect, what is required?  A contract is initiated by either the guidance counselor or the ‘day school’ teacher. 

    Credit Connect Program Requirements:

    • Attendance – All students will be scheduled during a day class or 1 session of night school. Failure to meet the minimum attendance requirement may result in removal from the program.
    • All unit exams must be taken with Credit Recovery coaches in the lab at KHS.
    • Students must complete ALL required modules within each unit.
    • Students must complete every Study module by handwriting comprehensive notes or answering all Study Guide questions/sections.
    • Students are encouraged to work at home.
    • Students may not use outside websites or any non-Apex source to complete any assignment, quiz or test. Cheating will not be tolerated and may result in the removal from the program.
    • Students must take and pass required Regents exams.
    • Students must maintain consistent progress at a rate of at least 5% per week. A student will receive a lack of progress warning and continual failure to advance will result in removal from the program.
    • All Students enrolled in Credit Connect must follow the school code of conduct and the district’s internet use policy.

    When and where can my child complete Credit Connect work? Students will be scheduled at least 1 period a day to attend our Credit Connect lab in West 113.  In addition, we have drop-in lab hours Monday through Thursday at KHS 3-6pm.  We have partnered with Kingston’s Boys and Girls Club and offer drop-in hours Tuesday and Thursday 3:15-5:15pm.  All of the after school hours are subject to change so please double check before attending.

    How will this look on my child’s report card or transcript?  While in Credit Connect, student’s report card grades will be an INCOMPLETE.  When the course is complete, the report card grade will be changed to match the final earned grade and this will also appear on the student’s transcript.  Course credit will only be awarded final grades greater than 65 which includes the final exam.


    If you have questions specifically about the program, please email:

    Jason Prizzi (jprizzi@kingstoncityschools.org)


  • Credit Connect Hours/Locations

    KHS Monday-Friday:  7:40-2:40

    KHS Monday-Thursday: 3-6 pm

    Boys & Girls Club 3:15-5:15


    Summer Dates and Hours

    KHS July 18-August 19, Monday-Friday, 8:30-2:30. 

    Boys & Girls Club 3:00-5:30