Announcement: New Door Alarm System

  • To all Families:

    Great news!

    The new door alarm system will be online starting Friday, June 9. This added layer of security reinforces our goal to create a safe school culture at Kingston High School. Therefore, any unauthorized door that is opened during the school day will trigger an alarm, thus alerting security and staff. For your convenience, we have provided the doors students will have access to for morning entry and dismissal.

    For morning entry, all students will continue to use the following entrances:

    • Salzmann Main
    • Broadway Main
    • Fieldhouse Front

    However, during dismissal, all students will use the following exits only:

    • Salzmann Main
    • Broadway Main
    • Including Stairwell Main 
    • Including Stairwell Main 4
    • Fieldhouse Front
    • East 02 Exit
    • West 03 Exit
    • Band room (for band students only)

    All authorized doors will have a green marker and have a staff member present.

    In an emergency, ALL doors may be used to exit the building.

    Thanks for your time and patience.

    Kirk Reinhardt
    Kingston High School