ACCES-VR Resources

  • What is ACCES-VR? 

    ACCES-VR stands for "Adult Career and Continuing Education Services Vocational Rehabilitation." ACCES-VR assists individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living through training, education, rehabilitation, and career development. Students need to apply for ACCES-VR and be found eligible in order to receive services. 

    What is an IEP?

    IEP stands for "Individualized Education Program." It's a program, protected by law, that  makes sure that a student with a disability receives special education services. Per the requirements of the program, the IEP must outline activities and supports that will help the student transition to adult living, learning, and employment. A student is eligible to receive services identified by their IEP through the age of 21, or until graduation with a regular high school diploma. 

    What is a 504 plan?

    A 504 plan is a yearly, school-specific accommodation plan created between a family and a school for a student with a diagnosed disability. It provides accommodations in the general education setting so that the student can fully participate in all of their school programs and activities. 

    How to Apply for ACCES-VR:

    You can apply in a number of ways:

    1. Print the attached form in  English or Spanish forms. Submit the completed form by dropping it off at the Kingston High School Security Office or mailing it to:

    Tina Dierna

    Kingston High School, Room: Main 111

    403 Broadway

    Kingston, NY 12401

    1. Request that a printed form be mailed to you with an envelope by contacting Tina Dierna,Transition Coordinator, Internship & Career Center Coordinator, by email,, or phone, 845-943-3813. (Families who request forms will be responsible for return postage.)


    Questions? Contact: Tina Dierna, Transition Coordinator, Internship & Career Center Coordinator



    Key Resources

    New York State Education Department ACCES-VR Services (

    Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) starts with the assumption that all individuals with disabilities can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services and should have opportunities to work in jobs within their communities. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors guide individuals through the service programs they need to reach their employment goal.


    Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) (

    Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) are designed to address the career development needs of students with disabilities who are not already receiving vocational rehabilitation services. Pre-ETS prepares students with disabilities for employment, explores their post-secondary education options, develops their employment-related soft skills and assists them in obtaining work experience.


    New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) (

    The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) is responsible for coordinating services for New Yorkers with developmental disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, Prader-Willi syndrome and other neurological impairments. It provides services directly and through a network of approximately 500 nonprofit service-providing agencies, with about 80 percent of services being provided by the private nonprofits and 20 percent provided by State-run services.