• Ashonda Boyd  
    Supervisor of Transportation

    The staff of the Kingston City School District is responsible for safely and efficiently transporting students to and from schools and school activities. They handle the logistics of routing for each of our schools and for resolving transportation concerns.

    Bus Safety

    Please remember that students are required to be at the bus stop TEN MINUTES prior to the scheduled bus arrival times, and that students should be orderly and respectful of other riders and the property of others.

    Students should observe these rules:
    • Observe the same conduct as in the classroom. 
    • Be courteous, do not use profane language. 
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus. 
    • Keep the bus clean. 
    • Cooperate with the driver. 
    • Do not smoke. 
    • Do not be destructive. 
    • Stay in your seat. 
    • Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus. 
    • Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.
    • Students must only ride the bus assigned to them, unless authorized by your school principal or the Transportation Department.


    The following bus companies provide transportation for students in Kingston School District.
    Ethan Allen – (845) 339-3115
    First Student Inc. –(845) 338-5809
    Birnie Bus - (845) 658-8600 x 104
    Lezette Express- (845) 246-5878
    Orange County Transit - (845) 377-5595 x 1

    Transportation to Non-Public Schools

    Parents in the Kingston City School District whose children plan to attend non-public schools the following year must file a “Request for Transportation” (RFT) Form which must be submitted on or before, April 1st for the 2024-2025 School Year. (Form can be found below.)

     Late requests cannot be accepted (with the exception of new students moving into the district from another district.)

    Forms are available at all non-public and private schools. A new Request for Transportation Form must be completed every school year for each child and for each school. Parents are to return the Request for Transportation Forms to the schools and they will be forwarded to us before April 1st (the form is also available in a pdf format below).

    If a parent is uncertain which non-public school his child will attend next year, they may submit more than one transportation request to ensure transportation will be considered. However, the parent needs to decide and the school district must be notified no later than May 15th to confirm which school the student will be attending in September.

    In order to be eligible for transportation, the distance between the child’s residence and the non-public school may not exceed fifteen (15) miles. Parents who have questions about eligibility should contact the Transportation Office at 845-943-3050 for clarification. 

    Alternative Bus Stop (ABS) Request forms (daycare) for 2024-25 must be submitted with the Request for Transportation form.  ABS Forms are at your school. Please note that the Alternative Bus Stop must be 5 days a week.  

    *If not submitted with the Request for Transportation, the ABS Request will not be accommodated.


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