Parent Resources

  • Strengthening Student Data Privacy

    Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is information that can be used to identify an individual whether directly (e.g. student’s name; names of parents or family members; address of the student or student’s family; personal identifiers like social security numbers) or indirectly when linked with other information. 

    Common Sense

    Common Sense is a trusted resource for millions of families in the digital age—at home, in schools, and beyond. They draw on original research, industry expertise, and community support to advocate for legislation and policies that help all kids thrive. 

    NYSED Parent and Student Resources

    This page provides a parent fact sheet, frequently asked questions, information about complaints of breaches, and the Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security. 

    National Cybersecurity Alliance Resources 

    National Cybersecurity Alliance makes it easy for everyone to learn more about cybersecurity and staying safe online. They have collected helpful, easy-to-follow resources and guides.