Special Education

  • For the special education district plan and a parent handbook, please view the files linked at the bottom of the page.

    The philosophy of Special Education in the Kingston City School District is to provide for the early identification and assessment of potentially disabled students.  This District is committed to provide an appropriate individualized Special Education Program for students deemed by New York State Education Department Regulations and the committee on Special Education.
    The Kingston City School District Special Education Department provides the continuum of service models.  This model includes, but is not limited to the provision of the following: related services, transitional support services, resource room, inclusion, consultant teacher services, self-contained classes, BOCES programs, 853 Day School, homebound/hospital instruction and residential placement.
    Students with disabilities, in the Kingston City School District, are considered an integral part of the total student population.  The District is committed to provide excellence in education to both disabled students and their non-disabled peers.
    It is the goal of the Teaching and Learning Department, in conjunction with the Board of Education policies, to provide the least restrictive learning environment for disabled students within the regular school program.  Management, academic, physical and social needs are addressed for each student in order to promote success in regular settings on all levels of education.

    Special Education Team

    Special Education Office: 845-943-3073

    Ms. Beth Lewis-Jackson, Director of Special Education

    Mrs. Kimberly S. Terwilliger, Assistant Director of Special Education Elementary

    Ms. Angela Sterbenz, Assistant Director of Special Education Secondary, 845-943-3764

    Secretaries to Directors:

    Amy Pettit, 845-943-3023

    Purchasing Secretary: Erica Peterson, 845-943-3074  


    Julie Craig, CPSE Chairperson, 845-943-3531 

    Secretary: Ann Marie Melchionne, 845-943-3076


    Sharon Braswell, Middle School CSE Chairperson, 845-943-3071

    Secretary: Amie Terpening, 845-943-3062

    Allison Taylor, Elementary CSE Chairperson, 845-943-3080

    Secretary: Alexander (Rex) Borcherdt, 845-943-3079

    Jennifer Freer, KHS CSE Chairperson

    Secretary: Lisa Naccarato, 845-943-3768    

    Important Links:
    Regulations of the Commissioner of Education Parts 200 and 201 
    Parent's Guide to Special Education Including Due Process
    Parents of Parentally Placed Students with Disabilities in Elementary and Secondary Nonpublic Schools
    New York State Education Department Office of Special Education 
    New York State Office of Mental Health 
    Office for People with Developmental Disabilities 
    Autism Consortium 

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