• Board of Education Goals and Statements

    “Those who stand up for justice, rather than stay silent in the face of injustice, are known as Upstanders.” -Samantha Power, former US Ambassador to the UN

    It is incumbent on the Kingston City School District Board of Education to unequivocally state that our District will provide a safe, inclusive environment for our diverse population. We will continue to support all educational efforts to promote developmentally appropriate lessons in social justice, anti-bias, bullying, race relations, and other topics that will support the development of “Upstanders” in our school community.


    2018-2019 Goals

    1. Monitor and support the:
          • Meagher Administration/pre-K Hub Project
          • 2018-2019 prioritized projects gleaned from the 2016-Five Year Capital Improvement Plan and the
          • KHS 2nd Century Project Phase I completion and Phase II
             via regular monthly reports from the Facilities Committee, the Owner’s Representative (Thomas Clapper), the Construction
             Management Firm (BBL), and the respective architectural firms [C S Arch (Meagher) and KSQ (KHS and the 2016 - 5 Year
             Capital Improvement Plan)].

    2. Monitor, support, review and discuss the goals set by the District and the Superintendent relative to student achievement, graduation rate, social emotional learning and progress toward these goals at least quarterly via quarterly reports and presentations (dates set in the 2018-2019 Annotated Calendar).

    3. Monitor progress made toward:
          • culturally responsive learning environments for our students,
          • a systemic approach to Restorative Justice which includes training for monitors, security guards and SRO’s
          • a decrease in disproportionality in discipline
          • and District efforts to decrease bullying via presentations and reports to the Board, analysis of associated data and open
             discussion at least quarterly.

    4. Each trustee will thoroughly review the materials provided in each agenda and the Library for regularly scheduled meetings of the Board and be prepared to discuss questions and concerns he/she may have related to topics slated for that meeting. (Self - Evaluation June 2019).

    5. The Board will provide monthly Coffee and Conversation opportunities in a variety of venues and times that may prove convenient for community members to attend in order to foster more active dialogue between trustees and the members of the public (See Coffee and Conversation schedule and reminders on our website).

    6. The Board will provide regular committee reports at public sessions of the Board via the committee chair - geared toward keeping the community informed of the progress the District, Superintendent and the Board are making toward 2018-2019 targeted goals (following meetings of said committees).

    7. The Board will continue to work together to insure an effective working relationship - via retreats and training sessions during the 2018-2019 year. (See annotated calendar).

    8. The Superintendent will expand efforts to achieve increased diversity in teaching/administrative staff and report to the Board by May 8, 2019.

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