• Proper ventilation will be maintained in all school buildings.

    Proper ventilation can be accomplished through moving fresh air into the building through open doors and windows, using fans to circulate the air, standalone air purifiers, or retrofitting HVAC systems.

    KCSD ventilation units do not meet the specifications for the Merv 13 or HEPA filters but use the filter recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment and are now changed at newly recommended intervals to ensure adequate air filtration in our classrooms. 

    All dampers are open and exceed the minimum requirement for proper air exchange.

    All roof vents and fans are open and working.

    Any AC units in classrooms have air exchange features and outdoor exhaust.

    Air purifiers have been placed in areas that have been deemed to not have the desired air exchange.

    Classrooms Doors and Windows are open as practical.

    Ventilation strategies include bringing fresh outdoor air into the building by opening multiple doors and windows and using child-safe fans to increase air flow.