• Distancing will be maintained on school buses, whenever it is possible to do so.

    School Bus windows and dampers will remain open for air flow, when it is practical.

    Any parents who are able to drive their student to school are encouraged to do so.

    Students should only ride the bus they are assigned to. Bus routes have been carefully planned to follow social distancing guidelines and buses cannot accept riders that are scheduled to and from school on another route. If your student must take a bus not assigned to them to school in the morning, a note must be given to the school prior to that day.  If they are riding a different bus home, please notify the school during that school day for approval.  All requests are subject to approval from the school and the Transportation Department.

    If you need to change your bus stop for child-care or other purposes, please fill out an Alternative Bus Stop Form or contact the Transportation Office at transportation@kingstoncityschools.org