• All Students will have access to quality mental health services and social emotional supports.

    On Site Mental Health Clinics – Astor (8 of 10 buildings/shuttle service for other 2)

    Dedicated Social Workers at each School

    Additional Bi-Lingual Social Workers (3 District-Wide)

    Expanded Trauma-Informed Training District-Wide Approach

    Goal Implemented

    Sanford Harmony Social Emotional Learning Curriculum at all Elementary Schools

    Registered Behavioral Technicians at all Schools

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst (Behavioral Specialist)

    Attendance/Engagement Social Worker for Elementary Schools - Hired 11/2021

    By June 2024, KCSD will have a fully established Restorative Practices Program – K thru 12.

    Establish a Restorative Practices “Task Force” to organize and implement training – restructure discipline practices

    Goal in Progress

    High School - Family of Woodstock Partnership – Imbedded Restorative Practice Facilitator

    Middle Schools - International Institute of Restorative Practices Partnership

    Elementary Schools - Devereux Partnership

    Goal Nearing Completion




    By June 2024, all schools will have updated/new play spaces/playgrounds.

    Architect review and audit of all play areas, outside play equipment (basketball hoops, playing fields etc.)

    ADA Specialized Equipment for Students With Disabilities

    Form School Based committees to make recommendations for play areas

    Engage Play area contractors – our architects, engineers and Department of Buildings and Grounds

    By June 2022, all KCSD Students will have access to meals that include fresh fruit and vegetables and locally sourced foods.

    District will allocate funding to support farm to school partnerships & school gardens.

    Food Education Programming will be developed and implemented.

    Goal Implemented

    Expansion of Community Eligibility Program will be studied and a recommendation to the Board will be presented by June of 2022.

    By June 2022, KCSD will offer free swimming lessons to all KCSD students and their families.