• Designated positive – as soon as a student is sent home with symptoms consistent with COVID we begin to count the 48 hours, do preliminary contact tracing, and prepare to inform proximate contacts.  After the 48 hours, we inform the proximate contacts identified through the application of the point system that they need to quarantine.  Designated positive student is also quarantined and a test is recommended. 

    • Release from quarantine of designated positive and proximate contacts of a designated positive can occur with a negative test of the designated positive individual or an alternative diagnosis from the primary care physician.

    Confirmed Positive – determine the students last day of attendance and date first day of symptoms.  Follow the same steps as above, minus the 48 hours.  

    • Release from quarantine of a confirmed positive after receiving a release from the UCDOH. All proximate contacts of a confirmed positive must quarantine for 14 days from last contact.

    Proximate Contact - Proximate contact is defined as being in the same enclosed environment such as a classroom or office, but greater than 6 feet from a person displaying symptoms of or testing positive for COVID-19. The UCDOH Points System will determine if a proximate contact should be under quarantine.

    Quarantine - Restricts movement and contact of healthy people who have been exposed. A quarantine lasts for 10 days since the last contact with the person who is infected