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    Students -

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Grade 4

  • If you cannot fill-in or print any of these forms, do all work on lined paper to be turned in when we return to school.


    Suggested Time: 45 minutes daily 


    • 20-30 minutes of independent reading  
    • Respond to reading through talking, drawing, writing, creating slide presentations 
    • Discussion of books/topics (main idea, details, character traits, theme, character change over time, cause/effect, inferencing, author’s purpose, compare/contrasting)  
    • Pick one chapter that you’ve read from each day and complete a chapter summary in a composition notebooks* (if you don’t have one, please use regular paper)* 
    • Chapter Summary Format:  
    • Title of book, Author, Chapter name/#, Date 
    • Chapter Events: Explain what happened in the chapter. 
    • My Thoughts: What did you think about the chapter? What did you like/dislike? 
    • Predictions: What do you think is going to happen in the next chapter/next in the story? 


    Suggested Time: 30+ minutes daily 


    • Clever Login 
    • Daily Journal Log -- Students can pick what they want to write each day in their composition notebooks. *Make sure to include the date of each entry* 
    • Possible Choices: Write a story, Poems, Research, Personal Narratives, etc. 


    Suggested Time: 45 minutes+ daily 


    Social Studies and Science 


    • Do research project on the history of NY, famous NY person, Colonial Times, Explorers. 
    • Create a google slide presentation 
    • Make a poster 
    • Make a book/pamphlet 
    • CK-12 Foundations 
    • National Geography For Kids - Learn all about geography and fascinating animals. 
    • Highlights Kids - Read, play games  
    • Do an experiment using the Scientific Method. 
    • Go outside for a walk and make observations. 




    • Kelly Riley’s On-Line Music Classroom 

    Physical Education 

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