• Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions


    The eSchoolData Parent Portal provides you with access to your child/children’s academic information at your convenience.  With a portal account, you will have the opportunity to log on and view data regarding your child/children, including schedules, grades, attendance and more!  The information on this page will answer most of your questions regarding Parent Portal.


    Q. What is eSchoolData?

    A. eSchoolData is our district-wide student information system.


    Q. What is the eSchoolData Parent Portal?

    A. The Parent Portal is a confidential and secure online web portal where you can get up-to-date information about your students’ grades, assignments, schedule, etc.


    Q. Who can register for and access Parent Portal?

    A. All parents/guardians with a student enrolled in KCSD (Grades K-12) can register for and access the portal. The amount of information available depends upon the grade of the student you are viewing. Both parents can use the same student information to create separate accounts, if necessary, by using different email addresses for log in and registration purposes for each parent.


    Q. How do I register for a Parent Portal account?

    A. There are two ways to register for your Parent Portal account. On the Parent Portal page on our website, click on “Current Parent Portal Accounts”. On this log-in page, click on “Parent Portal Registration”.   Fill out this form completely, using the same information on file at the school.  When finished click “Create Account Information”  OR  Contact the Designated KCSD Parent Portal Administrator for your child’s school/grade listed on the Parent Portal homepage.  If you still have questions, contact the school’s Main Office.


    Q. When will my Parent Portal Account be activated?

    A. Please allow at least 48 hours for your account information to be reviewed and it to be activated. After the information is verified, you will receive an email with prompts to finalize your account.


    Q. From where can I access Parent Portal?

    A. You can access the Parent Portal from our website (www.kingstoncityschools.org/portal) or from the KCSD App.


    Q. Is Parent Portal the same as the Teams Reports sent to me?

    A. No. The Microsoft Teams reports sent out every weekend simply shows whether or not assignments have been handed in. They do not show completion of assignments or grading. Parent Portal gives you a much more in depth look at your student's academics. Teachers will input assignments and grades (for grades 7-12) and update frequently throughout the school year.


    Q. Can I print items on the Parent Portal?

    A. Yes. There is a Print icon on most pages of the portal.


    Q. Do I need a separate login for each of my children?

    A. No. A single account gives you access to data for all of your children who are enrolled in KCSD.


    Q. How often is data on the Parent Portal updated?

    A. Information is updated as the data comes in. Teachers can update the Gradebook as assignments are completed. Progress Reports and Report Cards are posted after the reporting period ends and all reports are finalized. Please remember that teachers need time to grade assignments, and that essays and research papers will take longer than quizzes. Grades are updated every two weeks at most.


    Q. Can other people see my child’s grades?

    A. As long as you do not give out your log in information, only you and authorized school district employees will have access to your data.


    Q. Can I change my email address in my Parent Portal Account after it has been activated?

    A. The program does not allow users to change the registered email address because each account is based on the email address you have on file at your child’s school. A new account profile will have to be created if you change your email address.


    Q. Do all teachers in grades 7-12 post data to the Parent Portal Gradebook?

    A. Yes. Grades are posted by the teachers starting in Grade 7. You can view assignments and grades on the Gradebook tab.  Remember, the Gradebook is a snapshot in time, and is not always a current reflection of a student’s overall progress or performance.   A student’s average may also change depending on the weight or value of graded work.


    Q. Why do grades change dramatically at the beginning of year/semester?

    A. In the beginning of each term, you may see zeros or shifts in your child’s class averages. When there are only one or two assignments in the gradebook, a very low or high score can make a dramatic change in the overall class average. The gradebook will instantly recalculate the overall average as each assignment is entered.


    Q. What do I do if I am unable to connect or have questions about the Parent Portal?

    A. If you are having problems with your Parent Portal account, please contact the Designated Parent Portal Administrator for your child’s school/grade. They are listed on the KCSD Parent Portal Homepage. If you are still unsure who to contact, please contact the school’s Main Office.


    Q. How do I change my password?

    A. To change your password, first log in to your portal account. Click on “My Account” located on the upper right of your screen. Here you have the option to change your password.  If you have a problem, please contact your Designated Parent Portal Administrator. 


    Q. What do I do if I forget my password?

    A. On the Parent Portal Login page, click “Forgot Password?” on the right-hand side. Enter your email address to be sent information on changing your portal password. Make sure to check your SPAM folder if you do not see the email in your inbox within 3 days.