JWB Concert Schedule

  • 2022 Spring Concert Schedule

    Thursday, March 24th at 6:30pm

    JWB Pops Concert- 7th and 8th Grade Chorus, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, 7th and 8th Grade Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, and Jazz Band

    Thursday, June 2nd at 5:30pm

    JWB 5th Grade Chorus, Band, and Orchestra

    Thursday, June 2nd at 7:15pm

    JWB 6th Grade Chorus, Band, and Orchestra

    Tuesday, June 7th at 5:30pm

    JWB 7th and 8th Grade Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band

    Tuesday, June 7th at 7:15pm

    JWB 7th and 8th Grade Chorus, 7th and 8th Grade Orchestra, and Chamber Orchestra