• Overview 

    The focus of quarter one for ELA 7 is the concept of Identity. Students will explore this concept through the reading of short stories, non-fiction, poetry, etc. in order to be exposed to different genres and modes of expression. Through various texts, students will build on their skills of annotation, incorporation and analysis of textual evidence, construction of short response, determining main and central ideas of texts, the use of context clues to define unknown vocabulary words, and some identification of figurative language in various texts. Students will develop a deep understanding of character growth and development and how various experiences and conflicts affect characters and contribute to their growth. Over the course of the year, these are all skills that will be built upon and assessed in increasingly challenging fashion. In addition, teachers will introduce research skills using activities of their choice to lay the foundation of basic research skills. These skills will be constantly implemented and used to explore an overarching question and two focus questions: 




    - Accountable Talk Discussion Skills

    - Annotation and Note Taking

    - Notice and Note Reading Signposts

    - Character Development

    - Conflict

    - Paragraph Writing

    - Context Clues

    - Text analysis 

    - Symbolism

    - Figurative Language 

    a. simile

    b. metaphor

    c. hyperbole

    d. alliteration

    e. personification

    f. onomatopoeia 

    - Self Selecting Texts 

    - Imagery

    - Theme 

    - Analyzing how writers use poetic devices to tell a story or create a poem