• Athletic Placement Process, “Playing Up”


    The Kingston City School District recognizes that some student/athletes in 7th or 8th grade are exceptional in some sports.   The process of an athlete “playing up” is explained below.

    It is typically in the best interest of the athletic program, for each individual athlete to play with like-aged peers, as such placement develops individual and team skill, team chemistry, and team commitment.  However, Kingston administrators, physical education teachers and coaches believe that select, highly skilled and exceptional athletes can benefit from team participation at an upper level of competition.  When these situations occur, the discussion regarding “playing up” and the Athletic Placement Process (APP) will occur.

    A student/athlete in 7th or 8th grade must be recommended to the Athletic Directors office, up to 6 weeks before the start of the season.  A coach within the sport or a physical education teacher of that student are the only ones to make recommendations.  A parent will be consulted once the recommendations have been received.

    Six weeks prior to the start of a season, the Athletic Director will convene a committee of teachers, coaches and nurses to conduct interviews of the potential high school athletes.  Once an athlete is approved by the committee, the athletes must be seen by a pediatrician’s office.   The pediatrician can sign off on that athlete with a “yes” to proceed with the process, or a “no” and the process is over for this athlete for the season.  Once the doctor’s office has approved, the athlete will be tested by the school in a series of skills test, determining if the athlete has the skill set equal to those at that level of a high school team.  An athlete must pass all but one of the fitness tests to move forward in the process. 

    Once these stages are accomplished, the athlete will then have 3-5 days of a high school tryout.  If the high school coach believes this student will be a starter or the first few off the bench, then this placement will occur for the season.  Once a High School coach commits to a middle school athletes for the 5th practice, that athlete must remain for the season at modified.   An athlete can return to modified athletics the following school year, if in 8th grade.