Frequently Asked Questions

  • This page contains answers to some common questions. If you have any others, please contact me by e-mail or phone.


    What is the best way to contact my child's teacher?

    E-mail is the quickest way to contact me. My address is I can also be contacted by phone at the school, (845) 943-3912.


    What supplies does my child need?

    Every student needs a fresh supply of pencils and a large eraser. Please do not send children to school with mechanical pencils, as the lead breaks often and causes frequent distractions from the work at hand. Donations are welcome for boxes of tissues - you'd be amazed at how many boxes we use as a class.


    What are book orders?

    Book orders are from the Scholastic flyers sent home approximately once per month. I usually allow at least a week for money and orders to come into school. Our class receives free books and supplies for every order placed, and you save with discounted books, games and software plus no added tax or shipping costs.


    Can I visit my student?

    Parents are welcome to have lunch with their child any day. Our lunch schedule is posted here on this web site under class schedule. Recess on the playground is limited to students and monitors only due to District policy. Please sign in at the main office if you are visiting.


    How can I help in the classroom?

    During certain special classroom activities, I will request parent volunteers. A notice will be posted online as well as included in the assignments. Parents are very important to the success of large-scale learning events and classroom celebrations.


    How can I become a Room Mother or Father?

    I prefer to work collaboratively with all the parents in my room. So, rather than designating specific "Room Mothers", I like to think of everyone as a "Room Mother" (or Father!). If you are interested in helping to organize class activities, please let me know. I will call on you whenever necessary. I'll especially need help with throwing class parties - so any time will be much appreciated!


    What is my child's assigned book?

    Every student is assigned a book to read from our classroom library. Many of the books I have in class are linked to a computerized assessment program I use to monitor their reading progress. It is important, especially at the beginning of the school year, that students read their assigned books regularly. As the year progresses and I can better judge a child's abilities, I often let them choose their own assigned book from a selection at home or the library.


    Is there homework every day?

    I generally assign up to 40 minutes of written homework a day, per District guidelines. If written assignments are taking upwards of an hour or more, please let me know so we can address the individual situation. Certain assignments, such as studying and reading, are daily activities outside of that allotment.


    How does my child get extra credit?

    On weekends and during extended holidays, I may post optional assignments. These are typically family activities or games that support what we are studying in class. They are 100% optional, but will certainly reinforce the concepts your child is learning in school. Students who complete these activities can bring them into school for extra rewards.


    Will there be big projects and tests?

    I have at least three large projects planned this school year. I will give ample notice before any of those activities. Spelling tests are generally once per cycle on a specific letter day. Science and social studies tests will always be preceded by a review sheet about a week before the test. These review sheets contain most of the information necessary for successfully passing. Math tests will be announced in advanced when studying is necessary (i.e., a multiplication quiz or geometry vocabulary test). The New York State Assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics will be held in the Spring. Check the Crosby Times for specific dates or e-mail me.