• Mission

    It is the mission of the Edward R. Crosby Elementary School community to educate and inspire children, respect individuality and create responsible citizens.


    R3 = Respectful + Responsible + Ready.  The E.R. Crosby Pledge:

    I will be Respectful to all, Responsible for my own actions, and Ready to learn.

    Students recite the E.R. Crosby pledge every day following the Pledge of Allegiance. 


    1. The priority of the E.R. Crosby Elementary School is to provide positive learning experiences, appropriate opportunities, inspiration, and encouragement in order to be confident, self directed, lifelong learners. 
    2. Curricula should foster academic achievement and character development. 
    3. A safe environment is critical to student and staff success. 
    4. All students, staff and community members deserve to be treated with respect. 
    5. A collaborative partnership of students, school district, family, and community is critical to the successful education of all. 
    6. Consistent school attendance breeds the best learning environment for all students, teachers and staff members

    General Information

    The Crosby Building Leadership Team takes an active role in celebrating the success of our students and staff.  School Improvement Planning is an on-going process.  This is a school community that maintains high standards for all thus creating a 'Culture of Excellence'.  

    The school has a supportive and active parent organization (PTO) that meets on a monthly basis. PTO volunteers assist with many events and activities throughout the year.  All are welcome to attend.

    The school is located at 767 Neighborhood Road, Lake Katrine, NY 12449.  The school phone number is 943-3912.  Office hours are 8:00am to 3:30pm.  School opens at 8:45am and students are dismissed at 3:10pm. 

    A few notes on attendance procedures:

    All absences require a written explanation to the teacher on the day the student returns to school. The written excuse must state the inclusive dates of the absence, the reason, and must be signed and dated by a parent or legal guardian. A phone call is helpful but it does not satisfy the legal requirement for excusing absences. Failure to send a note results in an illegal absence on the child’s attendance record.

    If students are LATE for school (8:56am), they must be accompanied to the office with a written excuse signed by the parent or guardian. No child should be dropped off without an adult escort into the building after the doors to the school have been locked at 8:55am.

    Students leaving during school hours must be signed out in the main office. Students should only leave school early for medical appointments or family emergencies. A note indicating the student’s early departure and the name of the person who will pick up the student must be sent to school and handed in by the student in the morning. Parents are encouraged to use the Crosby Note Pads when communicating with the school. Parents are not permitted to take students from the classroom or playground. Students will be called to the office when the parent arrives.

    Students will not be signed out from the Main Office after 2:45PM.