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Welcome to Team Trailblazers!

  • We look forward to a year full of learning and fun!


    Teacher Email:

    Ms. Monae Shannon- (ELA/SS general education teacher)

    Mr. Bruce Cobb- (Math/Sci general education teacher)

    Mrs. Brittany Brocco-  (ELA/SS special education teacher)

    Mrs. Erica Butler-  (Math/Sci special education teacher)

    Mrs. Linda Canavan- (team's teacher assistant)


    Guidance Office:

    Mrs. Kellie Darling-  (5th grade guidance counselor)

    Ms. Crystal Riquelme- (guidance secretary)

    Mrs. Paulina Johnson- (attendance secretary)


    Main Office:

    Mr. Andrew Sheber- (principal)

    Mr. Sal Rosa- (assistant principal 7th & 8th)

    Ms. Evettelise Ware- (assistant principal 7th & 8th)

    Ms. Lauren Stein- (principal secretary/office manager)

    Mrs. Angel Williamson- (ap secretary)


    Nurse's Office:

    Mrs. Nancy Swart- (5th grade nurse)

    Mrs. Jill Aberle- (nurse's secretary)