Reading: Every day read for 10-20 minutes and have the Reading Log signed by an adult. Your child can read anything that they enjoy. 


    Spelling: Students will receive their spelling folder and a spelling contract with their words for the week. With the spelling contract students need to pick 4 spelling assignments from 10 options. They have the full week to complete them and turn them in on Friday mornings at 8:00am. Students that have been absent the assignments will be lessened to 2.

    Students will have time to review their words  using spelling basketball and then on Friday morning we have a spelling quiz. 


    Math - Changes every day (there will be no homework on days we have not finished covering a new concept)



     Esperanza Rising - Audio version - https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=esperanza+rising&view=detail&mid=430790C7E49AD755E758430790C7E49AD755E758&FORM=VIRE