• 5th and 6th  grade

    Students will be graded using a standards based report card: Grades will be NA – Not assessed at this time,  NE – Not Evaluated, 1 Emerging, 1.5 Achievement is approaching a progressing level, 2 Progressing, 2.5 Achievement is approaching a proficient level, 3 Proficient, 3.5 Achievement is approaching an advanced level, 4 Advanced. 

    The 3 indicators on the report will be:  

    1. Is prepared and participates in physical activities (games, sports and exercise), and demonstrates appropriate physical skills. 

    2. Follows directions, demonstrates good sportsmanship, and exhibits responsible personal and social behavior. 

    3.  Understands Physical Education Concepts and contributes to a safe and healthy environment.

    7th and 8th grade

    Students are graded on four components:

    40% for Participation

    20% for Changing for PE

    20% for Sportsmanship

    20% for Skill Assessment

     Total Score = 100%.