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  • Welcome to the Miller Mustangs Physical Education Website!

    We will be using this site to share information about our program and alert families to local activities in our area that offer the opportunity for physical activity and fun!  Please use this site as a tool for you and your student to discuss the physical activity they are receiving in school as well as what they would like to be involved in outside of school!


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    Coach Liu: 

    I have been a P.E. teacher in the district for 14 years.  I have taught at the elementary, middle school and high school levels during that time.  I coached Varsity Volleyball for 5 seasons before beginning my family.  I believe that the purpose of this class is to help students find activities that they enjoy participating in that will keep them healthy and active.  I was a student in the Kingston School District and played Varsity Volleyball and Softball.  I played volleyball in college and still continue to play.  I also enjoy running and have developed fall and spring running programs for the students at Miller.    I believe it is a great way to stay fit and enjoy running with my students and seeing their progress!


    Phone: 943-3657


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    Coach Kelder:

    I have been a teacher in the district for 28 years.  I have been a middle school teacher for the majority of my career.  I have coached Varsity Basketball for 20 years and currently coach Varsity Golf. I formerly coached JV Baseball and all levels of Football.  I believe the purpose of our program is to teach students to respect the importance of health and fitness through a healthy lifestyle.  I personally enjoy watching current and former students compete in all sports offered in Kingston.


    Phone: 943-3654


    Coach Bouton:

    I have taught PE in the district for 4 years and this is my 3rd year at Miller Middle School. I first began coaching for the district in 2013, and currently coach JV soccer and Varsity Lacrosse. I am a fitness Enthusiast and personal trainer outside of school and enjoy incorporating  many of these elements into the classroom. I feel the importance of this program is to introduce students to a variety of physical activities, help them identify activities available to them in the community and develop the necessary skills to live a a physically active and rewarding lifestyle.







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