Welcome to Miller Middle School!



    MCM Student Government for 2022-2023

    President - Raisa Rahnuma

    Vice President - Angelina Muellerleile

    Treasurer - Jacob Dallies

    5th Senator - Harper Gorslina

    6th Senator - Sophia Osorio

    Secretary - Krystal Ifill

    Congratulations to ALL!


    The 4th quarter starts Monday, April 17, 2023 and ends Thursday June 22,  2023.



    2023-2024 Bell Schedule

    Principal's Letter - Sept. 2023 

    Principal's Letter - Sept. 2023 (Spanish)




    MCM 5th Grade Orientation BBQ - Wednesday Aug. 30, 2023, at 10am


    MCM Back to school night Thursday Sept 14, 2023, from 5:30pm to 8pm
    MCM Science Night Out Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm




    The Equity Ambassador's Leadership Program

    will be selling school supplies every Wednesday

    during lunches from

    March 8th to May 31st.  Items are from $1 to $3. 

    They will be selling Smencils, Smens, journals and more. 



    Miller Clubs 2023-2024


    Adventure Club/ Advisor - Dr. Simek

    8th Grade Advisory/ Advisors - Mrs. Barnes & Mrs. Delisio

    6th Grade Advisory Club/ Advisor - Mrs. Augustine

    Drama Club/ Advisors - Mrs. Frappier-Kay & Mrs. Bresnahan

    International Club/ Advisors - Advisors Mrs. James & Mrs. Franklin-Feingold

    Library Club - Battle of the Books - Advisor Ms. Donadio

    Miller Beez - Advisor Mr. Gruner

    Miller Music/ Advisors Ms. Youlio, Mrs. Bresnahan, Mrs. Frappier-Kay &Ms. Heaton

    Miller Student Government/ Advisor - Mrs. Burns

    Mustang Muse/ Advisor - Mrs. Burns

    National Junior Honor Society/ Advisor Mrs. Frappier-Kay

    Team Infinity/ Advisor TBA

    Pioneers/ Advisors Ms. Spinnelli & Mr. McElrath

    S.W.A.G./ Advisors Mrs. Spiro & Mrs. Davidson

    Ski & Snowboard Club / Advisors - Ms. Nissan & Mrs. Davis

    Team Marvels/ Advisors Mr. Stracher & Mrs. Johnson

    Travelers/ Advisor - Mr. Davis

    7th Grade Wizards/ Advisor Mrs. Guevara

    Yearbook/ Advisor Mr. Gruner

    Pokeman Card Club/ Advisor Mr. Gruner

    EQUITY AMBASSADOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM/ Advisors - Ms. Donadio, Ms. Giles, & Mrs. Darling








    Important Information Regarding Covid Symptoms

    Hello, We want to send you information about the situation with coronavirus. The virus is still in our community. The school's protocols are that if your child has symptoms such as the following, he/she/they should not be sent to school: Cough, Sore throat, Headache, Runny nose, Cold, Fever, Stomachache, Influenza, etc. If your child has any of the above, you should NOT send your child to school. Children can't be in their classes with any of those symptoms. **If symptoms last longer than 24 hours, you need to take a COVID test (PCR Test or PCR Rapid Test) to check that you do not have Covid. ** Before your child returns to school, the nurse needs to see proof of the test. If you have any questions, please call the nurse’s office 845-943-3656. Thank you from M. Clifford Miller Middle School


    Información Importante de Sintomas de Covid 

    Buenos días, quería mandarles información sobre la situación con coronavirus. El virus aún está en nuestra comunidad.Los protocolos de la escuela son que si su hijo/a tiene síntomas como;Tos dolor de garganta, dolor de cabez, dolor del estomago, mocos resfriado, gripe, fiebre, etc.NO debe mandar su hijo/a a la escuela. No puede estar en sus clases con cualquier de esos síntomas.**Si los síntomas duran mas de 24 horas, necesita sacar una prueba de COVID (PCR Test o PCR Rapid Test) para comprobar que no tenga Covid.**Antes de que su hijo/a regresa a la escuela la enfermera necesita ver el comprobante de la prueba.Si tiene cualquier pregunta me puede llamar 845-943-3668.¡Muchas gracias!

    Erin Hein,Trabajadora Bilingüe, Miller Middle School





    3:03-3:40pm  Monday-Thursday   


     Students, you MUST sign up for an extended activity if you are taking the late bus.

     Sign up at lunch time, outside of the Cafeteria.

     Please use a pencil and print your first & last name CLEARLY. Do NOT cross out or erase other students' names.

      If you sign up for an activity, you MUST go to that activity. You are not allowed to switch.

      If you are planning to stay 10th period with a teacher, 


    Also, you must sign up for an extended activity if you are not getting picked up at 3:00pm.

      Parent Pick-up at 2:19, 3:00 or 3:40


    Make a plan with your family ahead of time so everyone knows what’s happening after school!


    STUDENTS -  Please wear your school ID Badges every day!

    Please see Mrs. Mrs. Riquelme in the guidance office to order a new badge if needed. 


      STUDENT ATHLETES! You MUST have an updated

    interval form or a new physical on file with the medical office. If you

    are unsure of this, please see Mrs. Aberle in the medical office for the proper forms

    and information.