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    Stone AgeHunter, Gatherer civilization that used stone, wood, and bone for materials.

    Agriculture Age- Developed tools and farming.  Were allowed to remain in one location and used metals like bronze and iron.

    Industrial Age- Mass production of goods, the assembly line was created during this age.

    Information Age- Mass communication, computers, and internet.  Today’s age.



    Capital Anything that can be used for currency, money, land, stocks…..

    People  - Human beings                                                                                                              

    Time – Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, it takes time to do anything.

    Machines/Tools                - Hammer, saw, drill press, sander..                                                                                     

    Materials – Wood, Stone, Metal. (Natural)  Plastic, Rubber, Ceramic (Synthetic-Man made)

    Energy  - Solar, Nuclear, Wind, Water, Oil, Coal, to create anything energy is needed.

    Information –Intelligence the use of resources to help create anything.              


    Processing of Materials

    Separating – Removing of material from a project, sawing, sanding, filing, drilling

    Combining –To put attach, gluing, nailing, screwing, stapling 

    Forming – To mold, or shape

    Conditioning – Changing the molecules of a material to enhance it by heating it up, cooling it down.

    Finishing – Putting color, shine, oil, finish on a project.



     Ergonomics – How something forms to the human body. 

    OSHA- Occupation Safety and Health Administration (An organization looking out for workers health)

    Aesthetics – How something looks, visual appeal.                                                                                                           

    Design Process/Problem Solving                                                              

    Constraints – rules or laws you must follow, something holding you back.

    Brainstorming  - A meeting of people to bounce ideas back and forth with each other.  No idea is stupid.                                          Trade Offs – What is being sacrificed when doing something. 





    bigiso.gif Isometric3-D drawing, no horizontal lines, goes out 30 degrees,                                                                                                         








    imagesCA511CXL.jpg Oblique – 3-D drawing, starts on face, goes up and to the right at a 45 degree.