Nature of Technology


    Technology:Objects that fulfill our needs and wants

    Technological Literacy: Understanding and using technology to communicate and problem solve

    Families of Technology

    • Communication - transfer of information
    • Manufacturing - mass producing items
    • Construction - building structures
    • Transportation - moving objects from place to place
    • Energy - ability to do work
    • Biotech - technology that is made with living objects in mind

    Ages of Technology

    Stone Age:

    • Nomads
    • Cave Art
    • Tools were weapons
    • Materials used: Stones, sticks, bones, leather hide

    Agriculture Age:

    • Material used: bronze, iron
    • Tools for farming
    • Domesticating animals, farming
    • Developing villages and staying in one place

    Industrial Age

    • Products made in factories
    • Assembly line production
    • cheap labor
    • many inventions

    Information Age

    • Computers and Internet
    • World Wide communication
    • easy access to all information



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