Course Outline

  • Course Description:

    Geography – World, U.S., and New York State

                Native Americans - The First Americans

    European Exploration and Colonization of America

    The Thirteen Colonies – Development and Crises

    The American Revolution    

    A New Nation – Creating a Government

    United States Government Structure

    The First Presidents

    Westward Expansion

    The Civil War


    Course Materials Needed:

    • Three ring binder
    • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
    • Pens/pencils
    • Agenda


    Grading Policy:

        Formative Assessments (classwork, projects, quizzes)       55%

        Summative Assessments (common assessments, SLOs)         35%

        Homework                                                                                  10%

        Total                                                                                        100%



    Class Participation:

    Class participation not only includes actively participating in class discussions, but also being on time and prepared for class with all necessary materials (binder, pen/pencil, completed assignments, and agenda).





    It is the responsibility of every student to make up any missed work which results from being absent.  The student will have five days from the date of returning to school to make up any assignments, tests, or quizzes. If work is not completed within that time, it will result in a grade of zero for the missed work. If a student will be out for an extended period of time, parents/guardians should feel free to contact JWB to get assignments sent home.



              Homework is due at the beginning of the period on the due date assigned.  Any homework handed in after that time will be considered late and will not receive full credit.


    Class Rules

    Be on time

    Be prepared

    Respect yourself and others
    Raise your hand to ask a question / or comment

    Stay in your seat until dismissed



    Contact information:

    There are numerous ways in which I can be reached by parents/guardians and students:   Email –

                    Telephone: (845) 943-3576