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  • What will good responses look like?


    Initial Responses should¦

    ~be of original thought.

    ~make direct reference(s) to the text(s) and/or reading(s).

    ~include page numbers when applicable.

    ~meet all other requirements for the assignment as listed on the assignment page.


    Responses to peers should include:

    ~direct reference to his/her initial response.

    ~your own original thought/ideas, building off of his/her response.  


    Consider some of the following phrases to use in your responses to peers:

    I agree with you when you say..and then explain why you agree with them.

    It's interesting that you said...and then explain why that's interesting.

    I'm not sure I understand...and then explain what you don't understand.


    ****You should NOT comment on grammatical errors/spelling mistakes.  


    Any student that makes irrelevant/unnecessary comments will receive a 0 for the online forum that week.


Creative Writing A

  • Online Forum 1

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    Read pages 16-18 in the text. Complete the "Practice" on p. 18.  In your initial response, share any THREE questions from the Practice activity.  Also discuss what you think these three questions might inspire you to write about.  

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  • Online Forum 2

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    Read pages 34 and 35 in the text, as well as Amy Fusselman's memoir on p. 59.  Answer question #2 on p 35.  Also consider what aspects of her memoir make it creative non-fiction. 

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  • Online Forum 3

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    Read "A Word on Words" (pgs. 79 and 80).  Complete the "Practice" on p. 80.  In your initial post, share the poem you created in the practice activity and discuss how word choice affects writing and meaning.  

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  • Online Forum 4

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    Read pages 175 and 176.  Then read Brian Arundel's "The Things I've Lost" on p. 202.  In your post, list several of the leaps in his piece and analyze how leaps energize his writing. 

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  • Online Forum 5

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    Read pages 205 and 206 in the text and also "We Didn't" (handout) by Stuart Dybek.  Create a tension forumla for his short story (_________+________=_________).  Using details from the text and also the story, explain why you chose this forumla.  

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  • Online Forum 6

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    Read pages 278-281 in the text and also "Relationship Quiz" by siblings Amy and Davide Sedaris on p. 290.  Create your own quiz story on a topic of your choice and share it in your post for this week.  ***You are only sharing your story here, you do not need to quote anything from the textbook. 

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  • Online Forum 7

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    Read and take notes on pages 304-307 and and 310-311.  Based on your reading, what do you determine insight to be? Why is it important as a writer? Share your answers to these two questions in your initial response.  Be sure to quote the text.  

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Creative Writing B

  • CWB Online Forum #1

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    Read pages 4-8 in the text.  What do you think is a strength of yours as a writer is?  What are your weaknesses?  Then, read the article "Writing Is An Antidote To Loneliness" by Jeremy Nobel and discuss whether you agree OR disagree with his findings.  Be sure to explain your answer by using evidence from the text.   

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  • CWB Online Forum #2

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    Read "The Neighbor" on pages 27-34 in the text.  Choose an object from the story (the hole, the shovel, the neighbor, etc.) and write about what you think this object symbolizes.  Use evidence from the text to support your answer.  

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  • CWB Online Forum #3

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    Read pages 41 and 42 of the text, then complete the 1st "Practice" activity on p. 42.  Use the questions in the prompt for your response.  Also discuss why close reading could be a beneficial tool as a writer. 

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  • CWB Online Forum #4

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    Read pages 134-136 in the text, then read "In My Father's Study Upon His Death" by Dylan Landis on p. 161.  Share three images you note in his piece and discuss how the use of images can enhance your writing. 

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  • CWB Online Forum #5

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    Read p. 222 (the introduction on tension) and p. 227 ("The Four Elements of Tension" chart).  Copy the definition for tension and the chart into your notebook.  Then read "What I Saw From Where I Stood" by Marisa Silver on p. 251.  In your response, analyze how Silver incorporates EACH element of tension. 

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  • CWB Online Forum #6

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    Read pages 409-411 on what an abcedarius is and how to write one.  Then look at the example on p. 335 (Jessica Greenbaum's "A Poem for 'S'"). Create your own abcedarius on the topic of choice and share it in this post. 

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  • CWB Online Forum #7

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    Read p. 413 to learn what an anaphora is. Then, turn to p. 415 and complete #2.  Your anaphora should be a minimum of 18 lines. 

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