Head Injury Signs and Symptoms

  • If your child sustains a head injury at school, you will be notified.  You may have to pick up your child and have him/her evaluated by your health care provider or at the emergency room.  Here are some of the symptoms that may indicate a need for further evaluation:


                  - Headache

                - Drowsiness

                - Nausea and / or vomiting

                - Trouble with vision:  double vision, blurred vision, unequal pupils              

              - Weakness or numbness of arms or legs, falling down or trouble with   walking

                - Unusual behavior or being confused, dizziness or irregular breathing


    Once your child is evaluated by an outside health care provider, the school health office will need a note from that provider indicating:

      1. If the student can return to school

      1. Diagnosis and severity of the injury

      1. Any restrictions or modifications that are needed for the school day.

      1. If the student is removed from Physical Education for more than 5 school days, a second MD evaluation will be required to begin the return-to-play procedure.


    Students who sustain a head injury in school that are referred for additional evaluation will be excluded from physical education, recess, and sports until clearance is received from a physician. 


    By law, if the school learns of a head injury that occurred outside of school, we are obligated to follow up and follow the same procedures as if the injury occurred in school.


    There is a return-to-play procedure in place as required by NYS law that every student will have to follow post-head injury.  This procedure will take a minimum of 5 days to complete.


    Most head injuries will require a minimum of 2 doctor visits before a student will be cleared to begin the return-to-play process.