Medications in Schools

  • Some children, particularly those with chronic disabilities and/or illnesses, may require prescribed medication to be able to function in the school setting.  

    • The School Nurse may administer medication if it is deemed to be medically necessary to allow the student to maintain an optimal state of health, remain in school, and participate more fully in his or her educational program.  
    • Every effort should be made to administer medications outside of the school setting when able.
    • If medications are to be administered to students during the school day, certain New York State requirements must be met.  Please refer to the information below.
    • Attestation Requirement:  Providers who wish to permit students to independently carry and use their own medications which require rapid administration during the school day/school-sponsored events, will need to attest (state in writing), that they have observed the student using those medications correctly.  Our school will be required by law to obtain an attestation in order to allow students to independently use and carry their medication at school, and may contact you for this additional information if not supplied with the original order.

    A form is available for your convenience which meets all the above requirements here.

    Physician Orders
    All medications, including over the counter, nonprescription drugs, given in school shall be prescribed by a licensed provider on an individual basis as determined by the student’s health status.
    Written orders for prescription and nonprescription medications should minimally include:
    a. Student’s name and date of birth
    b. Name of medication
    c. Dosage and route of administration
    d. Frequency and time of administration
    e. For prn (as necessary) medications, conditions under which medication should be administered
    f. Date written
    g. Provider’s name, title, and signature
    h. Provider’s phone number
    The school nurse may request additional information, such as attestation orders, diagnosis and/or potential adverse reactions.

    Parental Responsibility
    1. A written statement from the parent or guardian requesting administration of the medication in school as ordered by the licensed provider is required.
    2. The parent or guardian must assume responsibility to have the medication delivered directly to the health office in a properly labeled original container.
    Prescription medications
    The pharmacy label must display:
    (a) Student name
    (b) Name and phone number of pharmacy
    (c) Licensed provider's name
    (d) Date and number of refills
    (e) Name of medication/dosage
    (f) Frequency of administration
    (g) Route of administration and/or other directions
    OTC medications must be in the original manufacturer's container/package with the student's name affixed to the container. The same applies to drug samples.

    Special considerations
    a. Medication orders must be renewed annually or when there is a change in medication or dosage.
    b. The pharmacy label does not constitute a written order and cannot be used in lieu of a written order from a licensed provider.


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