Immunization Info


    New York State Law requires that all students receive immunizations to protect them against certain vaccine preventable illnesses.

    The law requires parents / guardians to give the school an immunization (shot) record that shows their child has received, or has appointment(s) to receive the required vaccine(s) (shots) in order to attend school.  This record may be from a health care provider, health department, or an official immunization record from the child's former school. The record must include:

    1.      Name of the vaccine

    2.      Date vaccine given

    3.      Who gave it, along with their title; or where it was given if at a clinic

     Please contact your health care provider to make sure your child has what they need to attend school this fall. 

     Your child's record must be in their school health office by August 24th for review by the school nurse.  



    For up-to-date information on what immunizations your child needs to begin school in 

    September 2022, please follow these links:   


    Immunization Chart:

    Immunization Requirements for School Entry 2022-23

    •  All students must show proof of all required immunizations prior to entrance to school.
    •  Immunizations are reviewed upon admission to the district and annually.
    •  You will be notified in writing if your child is deficient in any immunizations.
    •  New York State Law only allows exemptions to these immunization requirements for Medical Contraindications as determined by a Medical Doctor or for Religious reasons.
    •  Proper documentation must be on file and approved by both the Kingston City School District Medical Director and the Deputy Superintendent.

    For specific grade level requirements, click on the following:


    Kindergarten-Grade 6

    Grades 7-12

    A medical exemption form can be found here.