Classroom News - October. 2014

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    So, science fiction topics are now run on a two-year cycle rather than a two semester cycle.  Internally, on this website, the topics being explored in fall of 2014 is what I refer to as science fiction C.  The format of the class is always the same but with an ever expanding universe and an explosion of new technologies, there just so many ideas to explore. 

    Topics for C:



    Altered States (everything of the mind: from parapsychology to modern psychology)

    Suspended Animation

    9 Honors:

    First 12 weeks: It's all about the author.  These were people that lived a certain time and place.  These are artists who have a particular style.  For six, well-anthologized, writers, we will be exploring some of the elements that helped produce their short fiction. A research paper will be culminating task for this unit.

    Other assessments during the 1st marking period:

    King Genre essay (quiz)

    King style essay (test)

    Short story vocab. test

    Notes quiz

    Short story unit test