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    -All assignments and announcements will be posted to TEAMS. 

    -Everyone in our classes should now have access to your Class Team. If you do not, please contact your administrator or guidance counselor immediately

    -Please direct all technical support questions to tel:  943-3020 Option 1. 

    -At this time, please make sure that you are in full communication with me, by sending me a chat message through Teams

    -Make sure you are in Teams and your notifications are turned on for our class

    -All students should be logging in DAILY, and follow the schedule posted for high school





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  • tech support

    Technical Assistance 

    By now (late August), all student families should have completed a school technology survey.  

    More information can be obtained here:  https://www.kingstoncityschools.org/domain/933

     Please contact me on Teams in "Chat" section or via e-mail for questions


    If there are still issues:  

    For Technology Assistance, please contact 845-943-3020 and select:
    Option 1 - Student/Family IT Support