KALP Korner



    Kingston Accelerated Learning Program

    An Overview


    Our Philosophy

    •   KALP is committed to the belief that we must foster inclusive educational experiences. These allow students the opportunity to display emerging gifted behaviors.
    •   Students exhibiting gifted behaviors have special needs. These require appropriate attention both within and beyond the regular classroom.


    Our Goals & Objectives

    • To utilize a district-wide identification process that consistently targets students currently demonstrating or with the potential to demonstrate a high level of performance.
    • To provide activities that foster and promote higher level thinking skills consistent with and an extension of the district curriculum.
    •  To establish an ongoing evaluation of the program’s effectiveness and student participation.


    Student Outcomes

    •  By participating in challenging KALP programs, our students broaden and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.
    • Our KALP students enhance their gifts and talents and develop the tools to become productive life-long learners.