• School hours 8:45 AM - 3:10 PM /Office Hours 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM

    Built in 1964, the John F. Kennedy Elementary School is located in a residential neighborhood and borders a brand new playground in a beautiful wooded city park that offers spectacular views of the mighty Hudson River.  This is a place where our city children can convene with nature. Inside our school, the hallways are clean, well lit and decorated with the students' writings and colorful artwork. The main hallway contains a large fish tank, giving children the opportunity to study the ecology up close. The dedicated staff greets the children each day ready to educate this next generation.

    Mission Statement

    We Inspire. We Educate. We Graduate.

    ALL students, ALL of the Time. 


    Above the rest, no less than my best!


    Vision Statement

    With daily attendance and hard work, all students will graduate and create a better world to live, learn, laugh & grow.


    Value Statements

    We value efficiency, productivity, creativity, and diversity in an environment of mutual respect.  Our focus is on depth vs. breadth and solutions vs. problems.


    • Improve attendance - we can only teach the children if they are here.
    • Continue to improve our instruction so we reach every child, every day
    • Increase the students' academic vocabulary
    • Enlist support of all shareholders in preparing all students academically, creatively, socially, and physically for the challenges ahead. 

    Parent Involvement

    At the John F. Kennedy School, we recognize the importance of family involvement in student learning. To encourage family involvement we seek to: 

    • Recognize families as partners.  Education is a joint responsibility.
    • Make families more comfortable in our school. 
    • Encourage parent and child participation in reading.
    • Empower parents so they feel more responsible.
    • Promote two-way communication.
    • Keep parents informed. 
    • Build pride and help parents understand that they can help their children by being active in school life. 

    We believe that the best way to communicate with families is on a one-to-one basis. This policy will be shared with families through classroom teachers. We believe that we communicate through our actions as well as with our words. Living a philosophy is the best way to communicate it. 

    **For more important school information, please see our Parent/Student Handbook**