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    As a citizen of the Robert Graves School,   I pledge to all members of the Robert Graves Community, 

    that I will demonstrate Respect, Responsibility for my actions, Growth, and Service to my school and community.


    Students and adults at the Robert R. Graves School share in the responsibility of creating and maintaining an atmosphere where learning can grow and prosper. By the way we treat one another, and the way we treat our school building and grounds we demonstrate pride. Through its long history the Graves School has been a place where people are treated with respect and kindness. It is through this service to one another that we can continue to be a true community of successful learners.

    Robert Graves is an all-day kindergarten through fourth grade elementary school.  Students are empowered to learn in a positive, safe, caring environment where learning is a process. Special areas of instruction include Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, and Computer. Our staff includes classroom teachers, special area staff members, paraprofessionals, and a terrific support staff that includes the secretary, the custodians, and the kitchen/lunch staff. Parent participation is encouraged. Volunteers are valued.

    The Robert Graves Staff strongly believes that early intervention is crucial for the successful development of the whole child. Reading programs are structured to meet the needs of the individual learner. Our efforts in the field of early childhood helped to establish an early kindergarten screening for all kindergarten students thereby allowing us to begin the much needed process of strategically placing children in compatible environments where positive learning can take place. This philosophy is very much part of our ongoing practice to provide successful experiences for all children throughout their elementary years.

    We welcome you to visit our school, meet the students and the staff - our door is always open!

    **Please see our Parent & Student Handbook for important school information**