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    Valentine Pop Sale!!!

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  • Dear Robert Graves Parents:

    I wanted to let everyone know we are ready and excited to have our students return on Tuesday, January 19th. Students are set to return to hybrid learning, and they will continue to follow the hybrid model we have established with our maroon and gold groups.  Below are the times we will continue to follow for arrival and dismissal. 


    Car Arrival  - Parent drop off times

    4th           9:30am

    3rd           9:30am

    2nd          9:40am

    1st           9:45am

    K             9:45am

    Parent drop off times are between 9:30am and 9:45am. Parents dropping students off late must come to the front door to sign them in.

    Announcements will be at 9:55am. 


    Car Dismissal - Parent pick up times

    K             2:45pm

    1st           2:45pm

    2nd          2:55pm 

    3rd           3:05pm

    4th           3:05pm

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  • Remote Learning

    The Kingston City School District has two learning schedules, Hybrid Learning and Remote Learning. KCSD will use the Hybrid Learning Schedule Mondays-Thursdays unless a Remote Learning Day is necessary.

    Please use the link below for our Remote Learning Guidance.



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  • Communication

    Message to Parents,  November 3rd

    Dear RG Parents,

    In order to provide quicker communication we have a new location where current information or messages will be located on Teams-

    1-Go to the Robert Graves Elementary Team (Husky Icon)

    2- Go to the Update Information Channel for the latest news and information.

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  • Dear RG Parents:

    I again want to thank you for helping to make our first week back a success. I now need your help keeping that momentum. 


    What I need to relay to you is the importance of keeping your student home if they are demonstrating ANY COVID symptoms.

    If they are showing any symptoms keep them home and call to consult with our nurse to help you make decisions on how to proceed. During this time they can participate remotely. 

    If a child comes to school with any symptoms, they have to be isolated, then the parent contacted to pick them up, then contact tracing begins. If the student needs to be tested that must occur within 48 hours. If not tested in that time they are designated positive and everyone that they came into contact with has to be quarantined. That would include the bus they rode, their classroom, their teacher, and any other staff who worked with that student.  

    My Goal is to keep Robert Graves open and able to accept our students. I can only do that with your help.

    Thank you


    A few reminders... 

    Arrival and Dismissal

    Current arrival and dismissal times will continue for one more week. After that I will provide new times so we can get more time for academics. I will provide those new times next week.

    Student health checks-these are required on Monday for Maroon and Wednesday for Gold

    PLEASE complete these. They are sent out to parent emails. If they are not completed, we will have to call you to get them done. 

    Announcements- for this coming week will continue to be at 10:15.  ALL Fridays will be at 9am

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  • Welcome Back!

    We are so excited to welcome out students back into the school building!!!

    Please use the link below for some important information from Dr. Parese.

    RGS Reopening Info


    KCSD 2020-21 Reopening Plan:

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  • Land to Learn

    Land to Learn has been busy this summer and is ready to garden with you again!

    Check out what they've been up to in their Garden Time Newsletter!

    Find some fun facts about Kale HERE!



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