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    Welcome to our site!  You will be able to find important information concerning your child's  classroom and upcoming events.  There are also helpful links you can access, check often as new ones are added regularly. 

    My Phone Number 845-943-3941 ex. 6121

         e-mail is

    Parent contact hours are: 8:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. on school days.  Calls or e-mails received after 3:00 p.m. will be answered by the end of the next school day.


    Guidance Counselor: Dr. Roy for 5th graders


                                  Mrs. Darling for 6th grade



    Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Christian, Mrs. Diamond


    Welcome to HOME TEACHING - We are in this together and I am here for all our parents and students. Please go to the District Home Page and click the students tab, have your student sign into CLEVER and click on the icon Office 365 and have your child sign in using their student ID. 


    Welcome to the new school year at MCM!

    Dear parents/guardians,

             Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  I look forward to getting to know your child and working with them as they face the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

             My goal is to help your child become a responsible student and to instill in them a lifelong love of learning.  I hold high expectations for my students, both in academics and behavior. I work hard at establishing a classroom atmosphere of respect, responsibility, and compassion.  My hope is that my students come to class each day prepared and ready to learn.

             Parents are an integral part of each child’s education.  I look forward to working together to help your child succeed.  Your part may include monitoring, encouraging, supporting and praising.  I will be in constant contact with you regarding your child throughout the school year. Please make sure if a phone number or address changes that you inform myself or the guidance counselor as soon as possible. 


    ABC's of room 231

    Agenda Planner:  To help your child have a successful academic school year our school has provided each student with an agenda book/planner.  All daily assignments are written on the board and explained orally.  Students are required to write their assignments in their planner each morning, then have it signed by a teacher.  I ask that you go over your child’s assignments with him/her each night.  

    Absences:  After an absence, all assignments must be made up.  The students have as much time to make up missed work as the number of school days missed.  For example, if a student is absent for two days, two days are allotted to make up the missed assignments.  When students are absent, their work is put into their absent files.  When the students return they should check their absent files and they should plan on staying after school upon their return for those missed lessons. 


    Book Orders:  Throughout the school year I will send home Scholastic Book Club order forms. The cover sheet will indicate how to order books online reducing the need for sending in cash with your child. 


    Behavior Plan:  The classroom behavior plan is based on several factors. First there is a vertical rainbow chart. Students have a clothespin and begin each day on ready to learn. Students may move up from there to good choices or super student. If for some reason a student is not following classroom rules, their clothespin will move down to think about it to give them the choice to take some time in a quiet space to clam down or just regroup. We also have Davis Dollars in class that each student can earn for "caught making a good choice." It could be anything from working independently, helping a classmate, or even raising a hand. Students also have classroom jobs that they receive a paycheck for each Friday. On Friday's after lunch each student receives their pay for the week and will need to count their money and budget for choice time. This is a time we work on balancing a check book and how to write checks appropriately or even make change. As students become familiar with the process they will also receive "bills" they will have to pay. Students can also receive a behavior "fine" of $5 if they have repeatedly been asked to do/not do something. On Friday, students then have a conference, privately with the teacher about the fine(s), and together collaboratively come up with a plan to help the student succeed the next time something may arise. 

    Communication:  The best and fastest way to contact me is through email, as I check it daily. You may also call the school and leave a message or send a note with your child. I will respond between 2:20 - 3:00 p.m.  Please DO NOT email any last minute dismissal changes, I may not get them in time. You will need to call the guidance department (845)943-3941. Students work up until 2:19 each day.


    Conferences: Parent/teacher conferences can be held at specific available times, usually from 2:30-3:00 to discuss any concerns you may have, your child's accomplishments, strengths, goals and overall progress. CSE committee meetings are usually held in the spring. 


    Dismissal: If for any reason your child's dismissal is changing, i.e. parent pick up, bus change, you have to notify the guidance office immediately. Please DO NOT email me with those changes, I may not get them or send in a note with your child to be delivered to the guidance office. 


    Field Trips: Our class will take a few fun field trips this year. Please make sure to sign and return all necessary forms in a timely manner. Due to having a split grade level class the 5th graders will have the opportunity to attend the 5th grade field trips and vice versa for the 6th graders. Some field trips do not require parent chaperones and others do. Please make sure if you would like to be a parent chaperone for a field trip that you have submitted the proper paperwork and have been cleared.


    Homework Expectations:  Homework consists of math practice, nightly reading, sometimes writing, work that was not completed in class, long-term assignments, such as projects or reports, and studying for tests.  Students may have homework in different subjects on any given night.  This requires them to become responsible and to organize their time and materials.  The development of these skills is essential for success in school and everyday life. Most students benefit from a designated time and a quiet place which is set aside for homework. There will be some time in class to work on homework and we take every measure to ensure your child is organized before they leave school for the day.

    Nightly Reading: this homework is essential to the development and higher reading acheivement we strive for your children. Like with anything we practice, we get better at it. Reading is no exception to this rule. Please have your child read at least 10-20 min. per night and sign the reading log. They can read anything, as long as they are reading. 


    Tests:  Tests are given following each unit.  Generally, a “Test Alert” and review will be sent home two to three days before each test so parents can help students study. Due to confidentiality, some tests/exams cannot be sent home. Spelling/vocabulary tests are given on Fridays. Baseline exams are given prior to a new unit and a final exam will be given before the end of each quarter in each subject area. 


     Water Bottles: Students are allowed to have a water bottle at their desk as long as it does not become a distraction. 




    If you have any questions or a concern arises, please do not hesitate to call (845)943-3941 ex. 6121 or email or write a note to me in your child’s agenda planner.  Good home/school communication is essential for a successful year.  I’m looking forward to working with you!



    Mrs. J. Davis





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