MCM Clubs and Activities









    Adventure Club 

    Mrs. Simek - Advisor

    Ms. Johnson - Advisor


    8th Grade Advisory Seniors

       Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Delisio - Advisors 

    We help navigate and create a fun learning environment from Middle School and beyond!

    We have activities and fund raisers.

    We organize and host the 8th grade Formal and 

    the Moving up Ceremony. Come join us!


    Advisory Club - 6th Grade 

    Mrs. Augustine - Advisor

    The Advisory Club meets to plan and organize fundraisers,

    field trips and other activities for all 6th graders.

    Come and join us!


    Drama Club

      Mrs. Frappier-Kay, Ms. Bresnahan - Advisors


    International Club

    Mrs. James, Mrs. Franklin-Feingold, Ms. Gabriela Ane’ - Advisors

    We celebrate the diverse cultures of Miller Middle School through crafts, food, music and festivals!

    We meet the first Tuesday of the month, 10th and extended in Room 113.

    We meet more frequently around celebrations!

    Come Join Us!


    Library Club - Battle of the Books

    Ms. Donadio - Advisor

    We are a group of students interested in helping library operations

    and in participationg in promoting reading through Battle of the Books!


    Miller Beez

    Mr. Gruner - Advisor


    Miller Music

    Ms. Bresnahan, Mr. Dittus, Mrs. Frappier-Kay, Ms. Heaton - Advisors


    Jazz Band - The Jazz band plays a variety of music, for Rock&Roll to Swing.

    This select performing ensamble is open to 6th to 8th grades by recommendation of their band/orchestra director.

    We meet on Wednesday, 10th period and we perform in the Winer and Spring band concerts!


    Miller Student Government 

    Mrs. L. Burns - Advisor

    Elections to take place December 16


    Mustang Muse

     Mrs. L. Burns - Advisor



    National Junior Honor Society

     Mrs.Frappier-Kay - Advisor


    Pathfinders Club

    Mrs. Augustine - Advisor

    The Pathfinders meet to plan and organize fundraisers,

    field trips and other activities for Team Pathfinder students



    Mr. Gruner - Advisor



    Mrs. Spiro, Mrs. Davidson - Advisors


    Ski and Snowboard Club

    Mrs. Davis, Ms. Nissen - Advisors

    Come join the Ski/Snowboarding Club!

    Miller Middle School, paired with Bailey Middle School,

    hosts 4 trips in the winter to local mountains.

    Brand new to the sport or a seasoned student on the slopes, come join!

    The Club is open to grades 5-8.

    Contact Mrs. Davis or Ms. Nissen at MCM for to be part of a great winter sport!


    Team Marvels

    Mr. Stracher, Mrs. Johnson - Advisors



    Mr. Davis - Advisor


    Variety Show

    Mrs. Barnes, Mr. McElrath - Advisors 





    7th Grade Wizards

    Ms. Guevera - Advisor



    Mr. Gruner - Advisor


In the Drama Club, students will participate in the creation of a theatrical production.
National Jr. Honor Society is a Service organization for students who maintain high grades.
In the Adventure Club activities include camping, archery, snowshoeing, fishing, hiking, and more.