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  • Materials Distribution


    Attention 7th Grade Families! 

    Beginning Friday, January 15th, there will be Materials Distribution for 7th grade students here at Miller Middle School

    Specifically, Science Packets will be available for upcoming units of study, and Art Supplies will be available for 7th grade students starting Art in the 3rd Quarter. 

    Additionally, there are materials for ELA and Math for Marvels Students.  

    If your child is NOT TAKING ART RIGHT NOW, they will need the materials for the second half of the year (quarters 3 & 4).  

    To help with the ease of distribution, please make sure you have the following information when you come

    What is your child's Team? (Wizards, Marvels, or Self Contained?)

    Are they taking Art in the Spring?

    These materials will be at the front desk inside the main doors of the school. 

    Please plan to visit the school to pick up these items for your child. (The school is open from 7:30am-3pm) 

    Materials will be available through January 22nd - and are NEEDED FOR WORK BEGINNING February 1st. 

    If you have any questions, please call the school

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  • Microsoft Teams

    Click below for a 

    Family Guide to Microsoft Teams

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  • Remote Learning

    The Kingston City School District has two learning schedules, Hybrid Learning and Remote Learning. KCSD will use the Hybrid Learning Schedule Mondays-Thursdays unless a Remote Learning Day is necessary.

    Please use the link below for our Remote Learning Guidance.


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  • Through Their Eyes Contest

    2019-2020 8th Grade students entered a nationwide poetry contest!

    32 Miller students were awarded a National Certificate of Young Writing. Their poems will be published in the Anthology entitled Through Their Eyes: Teen Verse and they will be eligible to win a $100.00 cash prize!

    Click here for winners and more details!

    Through Their Eyes Image

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  • Back to School


    Click here for  

    MCM Reentry Information

    Grades 5 & 6 return to school on October 26

    Grades 7 & 8 return to school on November 9


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  • Spectrum Internet Assist

    All households with students attending CEP schools may qualify for a substantially discounted rate for internet access as part of the Spectrum Internet Assist Program. Additionally, KCSD student households signing up as new subscribers may also qualify for 60 days of free internet access with any previous outstanding balances waived.

    Click here for more information about this program.

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  • What does a Miller School day look like?

    Following the schedule received in the mail or from Parent Portal, all Remote Learning Middle School Students Grades 5-8 will log onto Teams at 7:55am 

    Students will follow the schedule below, signing into the Teams that correspond with their school schedule:

    Period 1: 7:55am-8:33am

    Period 2:  8:39am-9:17am

    Period 3:  9:23am-10:01am

    Period 4:  10:07am-10:45am

    Period 5:  10:51am-11:29am

    Period 6:  11:35am-12:13pm

    Period 7:  12:19pm-12:57pm

    Period 8:   1:03pm-1:41pm

    Period 9:   1:47pm-2:24pm

    More information about the KCSD Remote Learning Plan and students' daily expectations can be found HERE

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  • Supply Lists


    Please CLICK HERE

    for 2020-21 School Supply Lists



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  • Volunteers Needed!


    We need your help! 

    Miller Middle School loves to do fun events for your students.  In order to make all of these events happen volunteers are needed.  Any time you can give is very appreciated!!


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  • MCM Parent Brochure Page 1

    MCM Parent Brochure Page 2


    To Download or Print this brochure, click HERE

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